You, MedGift, Netflix and the New York Times – WOW!

Netflix and the New York Times are currently filming a documentary series about people with undiagnosed medical conditions.  The series is inspired by Dr. Lisa Sanders’ Diagnosis’ column in the New York Times and will air on Netflix in 2019. The series producers are looking for new cases to follow and are particularly interested in patients who come from minority communities and/or parts of the country that aren’t often seen on television. They have asked us to reach out to YOU, our MedGift extended family.

If you are undiagnosed or have a personal medical mystery you’d like to share, please email the producers at   All information will be treated in confidence and be subject to HIPAA guidelines.

Please don’t submit medical emergencies or conditions that require an immediate response. The goal here is to share individual stories with “the crowd”, to follow your journey as you seek a diagnosis and to potentially make appropriate information available to you. If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian communicate the request.

Here are the first four cases:





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