Coordinating Care Using MedGift’s Support Calendar

Christie fchristie-calendarrom Bellingham, Washington and her support community are using MedGift’s unique support calendar to organize care for her as she battles cancer. Check out her story by clicking here

Big Tip On Successfully Using Crowdfunding to Cover Medical Expenses

Crowdfunding is an excellent way to assist in the payment of expenses arising from medical or health-related hardships.    No matter what web-based tool you use to for crowdfunding they all work essentially the same and deliver similar results.  This short post will give you a guaranteed way of increasing the funds you raise, so lets get started.

Regardless of the site you use the process is similar:

1. Choose your web site to use (more on this later)

2. Sign in and create your page (some sites call these campaigns, MedGift uses the term “support page”).

3. See the previous post on the MedGift Voice for best practices associated with actually setting up your page.  Once again these tips apply to all sites.

4. Share your page with your facebook friends, email contacts and or twitter followers; what we call your support community.  The success of your campaign is directly related to the size of your support community and how willing those in in your community are to share your story with their friends.  This is the secret to raising the money you need – more on this at the end of the article.

5. Update your page with frequent status reports to keep your community apprised of the status of you or the beneficiary of the page.

6. As visitors come to your page and donate their donations will flow into your checking account.

So how do you choose which crowdfunding site to use if they all offer similar capabilities?  First, consider MedGift, a 501(c)3 organization offering a completely free service that is run by a team of individuals with a passion for service to others.

Okay so whats the big tip? Enlist a friend to help and set up two pages on different sites.  Assume you are setting the page up for a son or daughter.  You will create your initial page on MedGift and share it with your support community.  Then your friend – – preferably one with a large number of facebook friends – will set up a second page for your son or daughter on a different site.  This person will share this page with their support community.  In this way you double the number of individuals  with awareness of your need which in turn will double the number of donations you receive (approximately of course).  Simple, easy and guaranteed to increase your fundraising success.  

Check out MedGift today and find out why we are refreshingly different.

Think You’re Tough?

Think you are tough, think you are having a bad day?

▪︎There is a less than a 1% chance of getting Breast Cancer again after undergoing double mastectomies but cancer has shown no mercy to Tracy Baker and her kids.
▪︎Tracy tackled breast cancer in 2005 at the age of 34. She endured months of chemotherapy and her breasts were removed. One battle with cancer is tragedy enough for a family but this family is faced with a SECOND cancer.

Tracy has been diagnosed with cancer, TWICE! Check out her head shaving video that went viral at  Tracy is the definition of tough.

When You Are Diagnosed with Cancer

When you are diagnosed with cancer there’s plenty of help there, you just have to find it.  Check out the following Reuter’s blog post by Debra Sherman.

Another great resource is the Dragon Master Foundation (DMF) which is a not for profit organization staffed by volunteers that maintains a list of resources for those diagnosed with cancer.  Check it out at

MedGift recognizes the needs of those undergoing a medical or health related crisis are complex.  These needs may include emotional support from friends and loved ones, ability to keep everyone in your support community apprised of your progress, you may may need financial assistance for non-covered expenses, you may need specific items such as a wheel chair, hospital bed etc and/or you may need help with routine activities such as meals, house work, transportation etc.  MedGift support pages address each of these needs in a simple, fast and easy to use manner.   MedGift, the vision of Diem Brown, is a totally free, not for profit that is refreshingly different.  Check us out MedGift at


PageSix Covers Diem’s Celebration at Rumble Boxing In NYC

The MedGift fundraiser and celebration of MedGift co-founder Diem Brown’s life was a rockum-sockum success.  Check out PageSix’s article on the bash:

Rumble Boxing Crew
Rumble Boxing Crew

“Diem Brown‘s birthday was celebrated just how she would have wanted it.  Diem loved working out, jumping around to music and spending time with friends, which is exactly what we did last night,” her sister Megan told Page Six of Monday night’s fundraiser at New York’s Rumble Boxing.” – Megan Brown Clarke

MedGift Co-founders Mark Edelstein (left) and Diem's sister Megan Brown Clarke join Rumble's co-owner Noah Newman
MedGift Co-founders Mark Edelstein (left) and Diem’s sister Megan Brown Clarke join Rumble’s co-owner Noah Newman

Co-founders Mark Edelstein and Megan Brown Clarke joined over 100 MedGift fans at the fundraiser.

Visit to see what all the fuss is about or visit to help us help others.

Support MedGift through Amazon Smile

Reminder: The simplest way to support MedGift day to day is to sign up for Amazon Smile! Take seconds. First go to and BOOKMARK this as a favorite! amazonSmile-1The first time there you will be prompted as to which charity you would like amazon to donate to. Type MedGift in search and select! From then on amazon makes a small donation for each purchase you make!! Remember, you must make purchases through, instead of just The site operates in the exact same way! An easy peasy way to feel good about every purchase you make! Check it out – its a no-brainer.

Meagan Glover – MedGift Ambassador Extraordinaire

MedGift Ambassador Program

MedGift’s Ambassadors act as point people and liaisons to individual communities and personal networks regarding how to best utilize MedGift and its unique features for patients, families and advocates.

MedGift is  non-profit connecting those who need with those who care.
MedGift is a non-profit connecting those who need with those who care.

MedGift’s focus is helping those undergoing medical and health-related hardships – our users are dealing with challenges much more complicated than figuring out to raise money to take a dream vacation. As a result, our ambassadors, who have practical experience with the complexities of navigating the healthcare maze offer invaluable insights and empathy to those experiencing a need. Meagan Glover exemplifies all the wonderful traits our ambassadors share: empathy, sensitivity and how best to use MedGift’s unique capabilities. Take a minute to read her story, if you would like to reach out to Meagan email her at, subject line: attn. Meagan

Megan’s Story

Meagan’s son, Camden has short bowel syndrome, a rare and serious illness that resulted from a Camden with mom and dad Camden with mom and  dad[/caption]midgut volvulus the day after his birth. He has a broviac cathether designed to deliver nutrition/hydtration directly to his heart to sustain his life and a g-tube. In an effort to save his life Meagan and her husband transferred Camden’s care to Boston Children’s Hospital to enroll him in a clinical trial to start a medication to save his liver from the same IV nutrition that was keeping him alive. Far from home, and having to put Meagan’s career as a speech-language pathologist on permanent hold, the medical expenses were large. A close friend started a MedGift account for Meagan’s family to help sustain her family financially and emotionally during a very difficult time and while they sought treatment far from their home in the Southern US. ‘MedGift made a profound difference for our family, it’s was the greatest gift we could have received during our fight- and knowing Diem Brown‘s legacy was behind it all gave us the courage to fight despite challenging times.’

Interested in Becoming a MedGift Ambassador?

if you are interested in learning more about the MedGift Ambassador program and how you can make a difference reach out to us via email at  Visit MedGift today!

Two more great reasons to use MedGift, Hooray!

Reason 1: MedGift is a totally free advocacy tool for helping those with medical or health related challenges help themselves.  Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.50.02 PMMedGift depends entirely upon charitable donations from generous supporters.  Reason 2: In addition, last year, MedGift became a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization So please consider a generous contribution so we can continue to help.  It’s tax deductible! Our goal in 2017?  To help over 100,000 individuals, so visit MedGift, you will find out why we are refreshingly different. To make your tax-deductible contribution visit I Support MedGift.