She Walked The MILE

Diem Brown,  "A passionate advocate  for those experiencing health related hardships"
Diem Brown, “A passionate advocate for those experiencing health related hardships”

In the last few months of her life Diem Brown prayed for a cure. She had battled cancer twice before and it was back. Although she would never say it, I am certain she knew it did not look good …we all knew. In the last few days of her life she prayed for a miracle, not because she didn’t want to die,  because she desperately wanted to live. There was no cure….there was no miracle.

Diem was driven to unlock the desire and willingness in each of us to help others, she had walked the mile in their shoes. She opened our heart with her conviction to build a web-based destination she named MedGift for that purpose. There were four of us who joined hands to make it happen and she held our hands until the very end. In spite of what she was going through she seldom missed one of our regular Thursday status calls. We are steadfastly committed to MedGift and Diem’s dream because we share her belief there is a silent crisis in our country of people disconnected from those who care and love them.

The MedGift Voice is an additional path to help bring an end to silence. Its intended to not only be our voice but we hope yours as well.

Please let us know what you think.

Jim, Cofounder of MedGift

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  1. I found a lot of information I didn’t know about genetic testing. I need to talk with my Oncologist about it and maybe a Genetics Specialist.

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