Faith Brown is Rocking it on Fox’s Star.

Star – Fox’s show about the music industry

Cudos to Faith Brown for rocking Fox’s Star television program about the music industry.  Faith is the younger sister of MedGift co-founder and visionary Diem Brown and MedGift partner and Fox News Vice President Megan Brown.  Check out Faith’s amazing dance performance beginning around the 2:11 mark in the following youtube video released by the show:  Gooder Than A Mother” – Cast of Star – JR Taylor.

Heather’s Heroes Raises Over $12,000 in Less Than 6 Days

Heather's Heroes
Heather’s Heroes

Less than one week after Lindsey Sells published a MedGift support page for her friend Heather Morris, Heather’s supporters have contributed well over their goal of raising ten thousand dollars.  In less than 6 days, Heather’s MedGift support page has raised $12,140 or 21% more than the original goal.  Of course, MedGift’s support page didn’t make this happen,  it was Heather’s generous support community that deserves all the credit.  MedGift’s role was to provide a resource that connected Heather with all those who care.  Check Heather’s story at Heather’s Heroes.  Please consider sharing this post with your friends. MedGift is the only not-for-profit, completely free, COMPREHENSIVE resource for connecting those in need with those who care.

#DIEMSTRONG LA Join the Battle – Beat Rare Cancers

Saturday, March 4th, Kelly Hendrix and her three bike team will be riding in honor of our dear friend Diem Brown, MedGift cofounder and visionary.  From the Cycle For Survival Website:

As part of Team #DIEMSTRONG, it’s our goal to spread Diem’s message in helping others and inspiring everyone to live life for that day and to the fullest. Please help promote her legacy and spread the word about the causes Diem was so passionate about.

Diem’s sister, Megan, partner at MedGift said it best: To pay tribute to Diem is to live your life like Diem, so “Live Hard. Love Hard. Dance Hard.” To be #DIEMSTRONG is to love life, always have hope, and fight for what you want no matter how difficult a challenge you face.

100% of every dollar you give goes directly to pioneering research led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK).

Why this is important to us:

For many rare cancer patients, there is no game plan or treatment protocol—and that’s a very scary thing. Cycle for Survival is committed to changing this reality through funding new clinical trials, studies, and research initiatives to propel forward progress. In its first ten years, Cycle for Survival has already raised more than $100 million—and we will not stop until we beat rare cancers.

To support Team #DiemStrong visit #DIEMSTRONG LA today!

Heather’s Story

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To me, Heather is a friend. But Heather wears many hats: wife to Mike, mother to Tre and Addie, daughter to Dale and Sherry, sister to Ben, coach, mentor,

Heather's Heroes
Heather’s Heroes

believer, survivor. The list goes on and Heather loves her people fiercely. In July 2015, Heather learned she had breast cancer. She fought. She endured rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, surgeries-I lost count- and hospital stays. And she won the battle! 

From Heather’s story by Lindsey Sells.


Thanks to Lindsey Sells for her willingness to get involved and help a friend in a need.  Visit Heather’s Heroes to learn more about Heather’s courageous fight!


Company Matching Funds – A Classic Win-Win-Win

The MedGift team recently received the following email from a supporter:

Hi…I am trying to add to my work “giving page” so that employees can donate and our company will match . However I am in need of your EIN number in order to do this . How can I get that? Thanks so much!

After directing her to her MedGift receipt which she received after making a donation for our EIN it occurred to me, Daniel’s supporter had come up with a great idea to take advantage of her employer’s matching funds program in support of a worth-while cause.

I support medGift!
I support medGift!

By adding Daniel’s MedGift support page to her employer’s giving page she made Daniel’s needs known to her co-workers which is certainly a win for Daniel., by creatively supporting Daniel’s needs she certainly creates a win for herself.  After all, what feels better than helping.  And finally, by adding MedGift, a 501(c)(3) organization to the giving page, any contributions made by her co-workers to MedGift, are not only tax deductible but will be matched by her organization.  Hey, maybe thats a win-win-win-win, but no worries, its good all the way round.  Cheers!

Visit I Support MedGift to make your tax deductible gift today!

Two more great reasons to use MedGift, Hooray!

Reason 1: MedGift is a totally free advocacy tool for helping those with medical or health related challenges help themselves.  Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.50.02 PMMedGift depends entirely upon charitable donations from generous supporters.  Reason 2: In addition, last year, MedGift became a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization So please consider a generous contribution so we can continue to help.  It’s tax deductible! Our goal in 2017?  To help over 100,000 individuals, so visit MedGift, you will find out why we are refreshingly different. To make your tax-deductible contribution visit I Support MedGift.

Wish Lists – A unique feature of MedGift

Wish Lists are one reason MedGift is different!

When your life’s journey includes a medical hardship you have many needs: emotional support, financial help, help with with routine tasks and sometimes you just needs things. Check out Tracy’s MedGift support page  We’re Tracy’s Tribe! and how it uses MedGift unique Wish List  feature to specifically identify what she needs in her time of need.  Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.00.17 PMThis removes the guess work for Tracy’s support community – they know exactly what Tracy needs.  These needs can be met with financial support or direct gifting of the items.  So skip the flows and  cards and check out MedGift’s wish lists when someone you love needs your help.  Just one of the things that makes MedGift refreshingly different.

Susan Ryncavage’s Story

Support Susan Today!

Susan’s Story

If you’re reading this, you’re here to help, and we thank you eternally for that ! Our beloved Susan Ryncavage and her precious family are in need of our help and support right now in a very challenging time. Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2016, check out Susan’s story at Susan Ryncavage’s MedGift Support Page.

The BRCA Genes and Their Link To Breast and Ovarian Cancer

The media has brought a lot of attention to BRCA12the BRCA genes in the past few years. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and the Kardashian family have highlighted their experiences and their motivations for pursuing genetic testing. Because of this growing attention, it is important to talk about the truths and myths of the BRCA genes.

The majority of cancers are not hereditary, or due to a broken gene that is passed down through the family. In fact, only 5-10% of breast cancers and approximately 25% of ovarian cancers are thought to be due to a broken gene that a person is born with. The BRCA genes account for the majority of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers, but there are other genes that are also associated with these cancers.

Both men and women have the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. When these genes are working properly, they help protect us from cancer. However, if there is a genetic alteration, or mutation, in these BRCA genes, it causes them to become broken and they can no longer effectively protect us from cancer. When the BRCA genes are broken, there is a significant increase in a woman’s risk to develop breast, ovarian, and other cancers. Men can also have broken BRCA genes, which increases their risk for male breast, prostate, and other cancers. Genetic testing is able to detect mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. A person who has a broken BRCA gene has a 50% chance of passing it on to each of their children.

Meeting with a genetic counselor is the best way to determine if a person should pursue genetic testing. Genetic counselors are board-certified professionals with special expertise in genetics. These healthcare professionals are able to assess the likelihood of a hereditary cancer risk in the family, provide education on genetic testing options, discuss the implications, benefits, and limitations of genetic testing for the patient and their family members, and to discuss insurance and legal protections. Genetic counselors are also able to address the myths and misconceptions associated with genetic testing.

For most patients, genetic counseling and testing is empowering. It provides patients with the opportunity to be proactive with their health and/or the health of their family members. However, it is important to discuss the appropriateness and implications of genetic testing with a genetic counselor in order to determine if genetic testing is right for you.

Other types of cancers, including colon, pancreatic, stomach, and more rare cancers, can also be associated with different hereditary causes. A genetic counselor is able to assess your personal and family history to make sure that you are tested for the right genes.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a genetic counselor, please visit to find a genetic counselor in your area.

Ashley Runyon, MS
Genetic Counselor
Northside Hospital Cancer Institute
Hereditary Cancer Program in Atlanta, GA