Diem Brown, Five Years Ago Today By Megan Brown Clarke

Today marks five years without Diem Brown, a beloved friend, sister, daughter, advocate and inspiration. Diem made everyone in her life feel important and loved.

Her spirit lives on through MedGift, the charity she founded to make sure people could rally support when going through tough health journeys.

Diem Brown June 12, 1980 -  November 14, 2014100% of donations go to support families that rely on MedGift’s free services in their time of hardship. More than 20,000 people have found a lifeline through MedGift so far.

Help us keep Diem’s mission alive by donating any amount you can toward our $100,000 goal by clicking the following link: I Support MedGift!

Thank you,

Megan Brown Clarke, co-founder of MedGift

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