About Us

What is MedGift

Inspired by one of MedGift's founders Diem Brown's personal fight to overcome ovarian cancer, not once, but twice. Diem felt isolated, alone and overwhelmed during much of her first battle with ovarian cancer trying to juggle her fight with her day-to-day life. At the same time she saw the helpless questioning eyes of "How Can I Help?", from her friends and family.

Realizing there is often a gap between those who want to help and those who need help, MedGift was created. MedGift gives the power back to those facing health related hardships or needs and brings awareness to friends, families and peer groups that want to help but just don't know how.

MedGift takes the guesswork out of how one can help. Through our MedGift support page, the person experiencing a health related hardship or need can list their Financial, Physical and Emotional needs allowing friends and family to select the areas they can help them with, including those listed in a personalized "registry".

MedGift works like a bridal registry, just on a different milestone of life, which is why you will see a "registry" tab on our MedGift support page as we wanted to create a home that celebrates the fight of those who struggle!

Financial Support

Give or receive Financial Support with our fundraising tools. You can simply add a goal amount and watch your thermometer rise as you get closer to your financial goal and/or you can create a "wish list" of items you need financial help with through our "Support Registry" tool.

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Physical Support

Give or receive physical help through our Care Calendar, which allows you to coordinate and organize daily, weekly and monthly tasks from transportation, pet sitting. and lawn care to visiting hours, movie nights and meals etc.

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Emotional Support

Give or receive emotional support through our Support Wall, which allows the organizer of the support page to give updates on progress with entries, pictures or videos. Our wall feature also allows friends and family to leave notes, love or words of encouragement.

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