MedGift, a not for profit 501(c)(3), takes the awkwardness out of asking for help...

and makes it easy for friends and family to show they care!

MedGift support pages help you or a loved one cope with a medical or health related hardship. They are easy to set up and completely free:

  • Fundraising to cover medical and daily living expenses
  • Calendaring to organize help with transportation, childcare, meals, etc.
  • Wish Lists for specific needs such as a wig, a wheelchair, books, etc.
  • Sharing updates on progress and receiving words of encouragement and support

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1. Create a Support Page

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  • Support pages help those going through ANY health related hardship or need.

2. Share with Friends

  • Share your page with friends and family, letting them know how they can help
  • We give you tools to help organize and engage your online support community
  • Facebook, Twitter, Email lists are great ways to share your page

3. Receive Help

  • Financial gifts/donations go directly into your WePay account.
  • Organize and get help with daily tasks with your Care Calendar.
  • Keep friends updated on your status, allowing them to give you love & encouragement through your support wall.
  • So many ways to get help through MedGift!

Diem Brown

While Diem lost her fight on November 14th, 2014 her dream lives on, please learn about MedGift's vision through her own words...

Hi, my name is Diem Brown. During my first bout of Ovarian Cancer in 2005, I realized how hopeless and isolated one can become while going through a hardship. I was an entertainment reporter at the time and wanted to get a real looking human wig so I could continue working without letting anyone know I was undergoing chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer. I had no idea that human hair wigs costs were in the thousands! At the same time, all of my girlfriends were asking how they could help me and I wanted to say "I need money for a wig" but I felt too silly to ask them for money.

That was until I kept getting email after email from my girlfriends with their wedding and baby registry links. In an instant, I realized that we celebrate and support every life milestone except when one becomes ill or is going through a hardship. We celebrate the birth of a child with a baby registry, we celebrate the joining of two lives with a wedding registry... why not create a site where we could also celebrate the fight for a life going through a hardship with a support registry.

MedGift was born because I know how isolated one can feel when it seems you are going through a tough journey alone. I wanted to create a home where people can feel how powerful a support community can be and bring an element of celebration of that fighting spirit in each of us when life seems to throw you an unmanageable curve-ball.

My second ovarian cancer battle in 2012-2013 gave me more insight into what someone needs when they feel their world is crumbling in around them. It also gave me even more passion and inspiration to create a complete support website that can help someone who is struggling on every level: emotionally, physically and financially! MedGift is a site for you, so please let us know your comments and ideas on how we can better help you through your hardship journey!

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