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* Create or Search for a "Support Page"
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When people donate to your page, it goes directly into your WePay account. Watch as your thermometer raises and you get closer to your goal!


You can tell people your story and keep them updated on your progress. Through our support wall friends and family can send you notes and words of encouragement.


Feel overwhelmed with "to-do lists?" share your calendar online and ask for help with daily items from transportation, yard work, house cleaning, baby/pet sitting etc. List any daily, weekly or monthly item you may need help with. It's a great tool to visualize what you need to get done and who is able to help lessen your "to-do list"


This is one of our favorite features! The registry allows people to see exactly what you need help with in a visual way. From monetary needs for wigs, prescriptions, therapy, utilities etc. to action-based needs like babysitting or transportation from the hospital, the registry makes it easy to share what you need help with in a visual, interactive way.

Facebook Verified:

We recommend everyone with a MedGift Support page verify it through Facebook. Connecting through your Facebook page builds trust and helps verify who you are to guests visiting your MedGift support page. Even if you are a private page, this really does help build trust, but for public pages, you can only be listed in our search directory if you have verified your support page through Facebook. It's so easy and takes two seconds! ;)

Your Community:

You can invite people to join your support community. You can also use your support page link and share it with various social media sites. We help you organize your support community so it becomes easier to engage them and let them know what sorts of help you may need.

The Organizer:

People can create a MedGift Support page for themselves or if you want to help a friend going through a hardship you can set up a MedGift Support Page for them! If you are an organizer, this is where your name and Facebook picture will be shown.